Micronutrition Consultation

A thorough health assessment – 60 minutes

The first micronutrition consultation is a thorough assessment of your current state and allows to identify the origins of disturbances in your health.
This consultation is the cornerstone of all support in micronutrition and the basis of any further consultations.

Prior to your first appointment, I will submit some questionnaires (about your eating habits, your overall health, your antecedents) to be filled at home and returned to me by email. They are the basis for our interview.

During the first consultation we will use the questionnaires and complete them by taking into account certain information such as your symptoms, your lifestyle (physical activity, stress, sleep patterns, emotional state), your eating habits, your situation (pregnancy, menopause, sports…)

An exhaustive analysis will highlight what the problems are, either evoked or ignored.
We will be able to understand how your body operates, the effects of food on your particular metabolism, and to determine your needs.

We will put in place the necessary dietary adjustments, the proper micronutritional supplements (magnesium, chrome, calcium, omega 3, probiotics…) and life hygiene advice (stress management, physical activity…)

Your personalized and detailed program will be sent to you at the conclusion of the consultation.

micronutrition consultation
micronutrition consultation

Follow up consultation

Evaluation of your personalized nutrition program – 45 minutes

During the course of the follow up consultation, we will evaluate the effects of the protocol (nutritional, micronutritional and modifications of your lifestyle) on your health issues.
During this time, we will discuss your progress, answer the questions you might have, establish benchmarks based on the difficulties implementing the program and how to circumvent them, on possible obstacles, the new strategies to explore for other issues.

In the case of excess weight management, rebalancing strategies will be implemented over several months and follow up will occur every 15 days over a period of at least 3 months, depending on your excess weight. The goal is to slim down slowly, avoiding any harm to your body. Weight loss will happen by correcting certain deficiencies in micronutrients that are responsible for the setbacks and by adopting the right attitude towards life and nutrition in order to lose weight without frustration, gaining back your energy and above all, not gain the pounds back.

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