Discover sustainable nutrition

Sustainable nutrition takes into account the impacts nutrition has on health, the planet, and society.

    • Food that protects our body (heart, brain, muscle, cells).
    • Products  issued from sources that respect the environment and biodiversity.
    • The choice of a mode of consumption more humane and inclusive.

The objective of the conferences is to raise public awareness on the need to regain a healthy and authentic diet; provide the keys to remain healthy, prevent diseases, eat mindfully;  participate in the collective effort to protect the human being and its resources.

The Intelligent Nutrition® conferences usually last 1 ½ h to 2 hours.

Intelligent Nutrition Conferences
Intelligent Nutrition Conferences

Sustainable Healthy Nutrition Workshops

Secrets of a healthy plate

The workshops answer to practical and concrete questions pertaining to literally putting our health on our plate.

  • What are the essential foods?
  • How to shop and make lists?
  • How to balance meals throughout the day?
  • How to manage stress

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