In less than 60 years, our nutrition has changed drastically: an unbalanced modern urban diet coupled with the stressful and sedentary lifestyle lead to a deterioration of our health and the emergence of so called illnesses of  “civilization” (obesity, diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, depression, Alzheimer).

Today, we have certainties about the consequences of an inadequate nutrition  on our physical and mental well-being, but it goes even further as the health of our planet is also in danger due to our dietary choices.

We have been aware of these risks for a number of years. Now is the time to initiate the changes towards a sustainable nutrition that will respect our health and that of our environment.

This is why it’s important to learn how to choose and utilize the foods well in order to prevent illnesses, treat numerous problems (such as excess weight, digestive problems, food intolerance, pre-diabetes, mood issues …) and protect our planet. Our health and the future of our environment depend on it.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ~ Hippocrates

About Solutions Nutrition

Solutions Nutrition offers personalized support towards a sustainable healthy nutrition, a diet adapted and adjusted to your needs and its effects on our own body.
The Solutions Nutrition programs will allow you to get back your optimum health, balance and well-being.

The programs can be done at your home or via Skype to save you from logistical burden or waste of time.

Micronutrition Consultation

A new approach to health

The objective of this consultation is to detect your body’s functional troubles that,  in the future, could become serious issues like illnesses. The follow up consultations will allow us to monitor the progress and the effects of the protocol.


Healthy Nutrition Coaching

Eating is a necessity, eating well is an art

Many physical and functional problems, if not all, can be explained by our eating habits. What we eat – and how – triggers responses from our body. Deficiencies lead to a weakened immune system; unbalanced nutrition emptied of nutrients leads to weight gain, lack of energy and physiological dysfunctions. My mission is to help you re-learn the principles of healthy nutrition.


Workshops & Conferences

Share the good news about the New Nutrition!


Solutions Nutrition organizes on site workshops and webinars for small groups to provide the tools necessary to create a sustainable healthy plate and a dietary rehabilitation focused on the long term.


As Ambassador of The Intelligent Nutrition® (Scientific Institute for Intelligent Nutrition), I organize conferences on various themes pertaining to sustainable healthy nutrition (nutrition for all, nutrition for children, for athletes, etc.)


The Solutions Nutrition programs are for you if

You wish to take action about your excess weight
You have diabetes and need your food to be adjusted
You have digestive discomfort and troubles
You are tired
You want a full detox at the change of season, take lots of medications or are trying to lose weight
You want to boost your immune system
You want a nutritional program to prepare for exams or to go back to school
You have mood disorders and trouble sleeping
You are depressed, stressed out
You crave sugar at the end of the day
You experience musculoskeletal pains
You have memory problems and difficulty focusing
You would like a nutritional program for a specific time in your life : conception, pregnancy, menopause…

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