More than ever do we have to emphasize the need for prevention instead of the usual curative approach to health.
Micronutrition offers an alternative for sustainable well-being and health.
Sustainable healthy nutrition includes clear and precise recommendations for a healthy and authentic diet, common sense, for all individuals: these are the basic foundations for a good nutrition, to be in a good mental and physical health and with no impact on our planet.

Micronutrition is an innovative scientific discipline, with a holistic approach of the patient who is supported as a whole and where his physiological and mental health are taken are of.
Micronutrition provides the means to extend the optimal health of the healthy persons, but also detect the weaknesses from which health problems develop, in order to reinforce the body for a successful longevity.

The starting point of micronutrition is the individual himself, his health and not what is on his plate.
Micronutrition brings clear answers, practical and scientifically verifiable, to each person who is recognized in his own individual problems.
Micronutrition is choosing healthy foods and nutritional supplement if needed.


To help you find vitality again

  • An accurate diagnosis of disorders.
  • Personalized advice, tailored to your body, your situation, your health and personality.
  • Support of your whole nutrition, your body, your spirit to satisfy your specific needs for a return to balance and well-being
  • Education in nutrition, a personalized coaching for new attitudes in sustainable healthy nutrition and lifestyle change for you, your family and your planet.
  • Advice at home, by videoconference or by phone. Remote consultations allow us to undertake a real program without the inconvenience of time and travel and without geographical constraint.
Micronutrition Concept | Solutions Micronutrition


Because of micronutrients!

Micronutrients are these miraculous little particles found on our plate that have the ability to act differently from one person to the other, for the simple reason that we are all unique (we have different metabolism, weaknesses, antecedents…)
They are the vitamins, minerals (calcium, magnesium …), antioxidants, fatty acids, omega 3, probiotics, amino acids…
The micronutrition approach is to understand how your body works, determine which micronutrients your cells need, identify what is good and what is detrimental to you by studying the effect micronutrients have on your body.
Since your food plate impacts your health, let’s ask the real questions and let’s act with the right tools for a good health.

  • Is my diet good for me?
  • What influence my food has on my body : my brain, my physique, my psyche, my immune system?
  • Do I digest well all my food? If not, what could the repercussions be on my health?
  • How about my specific nutritional needs?
  • Do I have micronutrient deficiencies?
  • What is the weak link of my body?

Micronutrition is a discipline respectful of the person and the diversity of our bodies.



Personalized solutions for all ages

A few examples of functional disorders supported by micronutrition:

  • The isolated problems of everyday life: digestive troubles, fatigue, mood disorders, sleeping disorders and sugar cravings…
  • Or more complex: excess weight, obesity, pre-diabetes,  allergies or food intolerances, premenstrual syndrome, functional disorders of menopause, troubles concentrating, premature aging, stress, chronic infections, musculoskeletal disorders, skin problems, depression, eating disorders, addictions, osteoporosis, cellulite, burnout…
  • Prevention in situations with risks of deficiencies: pregnancy, preconception, sports activity, exam preparation, aging…
  • And in the occurence of modern illnesses: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases (cataract, Alzheimer’s, DMLA…)

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